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Myth, according to the Chambers' Twentieth Century Dictionary means 'an ancient traditional story of gods, or heroes… a story with a veiled meaning.' The political, religious, and medical history of every ancient civilization is considered lost amongst traditional origins and unraveling it is even more difficult because of a deliberate attempt by ancient Sage-hood to shroud their religion and medicine in mysticism and mystery.

The earliest records of ancient history are a cause of confusion to modern historians because many historical accounts have been discarded as unacceptable today. Why? Because modern study of antiquity does not take into account, a renaissance brought about by ancient Sages! Looking back at the past centuries, historians often overlook the fact that the events of history could have been affected by the intervention of supernatural powers. Since recorded supernatural events of the past cannot be scientifically tested, they are rejected as Myth, which has definitely resulted in biased and diverse views, as the ancients' have boldly declared mankind to be intimately associated with the supernatural. The miracles of Mystics directly influenced every aspect of daily life! Association with the supernatural was a way of life. Indian Mythology acknowledges that traditions - such as the Siddha system - have been handed down through the oral route and got documented only centuries later. To properly identify the Mystical dimensions and its cults of 5000 years ago, by its Inventors or Forefathers, every source such as secular history, written or oral, Epic records, ancient palm scripts etc. all must considered. These ancient records, long ignored as unreliable myths, which truthfully reveal the identity of the first Inventors of the secrets of Nature!

They are the Siddhas - the Sages of Mysticism hailing from Ancient India.

According to historians, the Deccan plateau and Kumari kandam was the starting place of Oriental civilization. Not surprisingly, the early rulers of this Lemurian society are the ones around whom the basic structure of mythology was built. It is believed that miraculous results obtained by early age physicians, alchemists and Tantric Yogis gave rise to the origin of Alchemical insights, long lasting healing preparations, Healing Gods and Deities and Spiritual power spots.

To us, the healing Gods of the ancient world appear to be romantic fancies of a mythological age, but in those early times, they couldn't have been more real personages!

The traditional Siddhas, right from Siddha Nandidevar to Saint Ramalingam of the 19th century, were well known Siddha-World rulers and great benefactors of mankind, who, either by their own insistence or by the gratitude of their subjects had been transferred to the ranks of Heaven of Life. Ancient mysticism termed as Mythology today, was already well developed in those earliest times. At that early date, Lord Vaduka, Karuppasamy, Goddess Varahi, Goddess Indrani, all have been mentioned as medicinal deities.

When the medicinal procedures of the ancient Siddhas expressed remarkable effect in that profoundly religious age, they were deified! Epidemics that exposed entire nations to the threat of annihilation posed particularly dangerous. Rulership depended on the ability to thwart off the ravage of disease. These are the kinds of examples recorded in original works of the Siddhas explaining how the Siddha system helped the people at particular periods. Such incidents were considered miracles. The Siddhas came to be worshipped as deities with divine honours. The reality that these compassionate 'benefactors' had a special and direct contact with the supernatural and as a result were themselves accorded divine attributes could not have been casually ruled out.

Though much of the rationality, compassion and spiritual insights of ancient civilizations are disregarded under the banner of Myths and many records have been lost or dismissed, one fact has emerged clearly - in every available palm script of Siddha works, the origin of metallurgy and its various uses; the archetypal healing Gods and deities; the mysterious mystical power spots; and meetings of the ancient Siddhas till date clearly traces back to the Mountains and Forests of Siddhas.

As people formed colonies and migrated from their magico-religious outlook of life and its darker face of illness and mundane abnormalities, the distinctive healing power spots of ancient Siddhas were the only available and sought out aid and remedy for later periods. Dark forces that brought disease, collective death and inert psychic blocks were propitiated by mystical ceremonies that involved visiting the caves of the ancient Siddhas, reciting incantations (mantra) or supplications and expiations.

Many of their manuscripts traveled all over Tamil Nadu, across different periods of time and spread. Many lay hidden with people who kept them without really knowing their true significance. The remaining manuscripts have been significantly guarded in mountain caves under the mystical supervision of ferocious guarding deities appointed by the Siddhas themselves. These manuscripts are the foremost treasures of the ancient Siddha tradition. The valuable yogic insights that emerged from the mystery of the life-giving and life-taking rhythm of Nature have been recorded in these manuscripts and are known to give endless possibilities for healing human problems. They have even described the identifying features and the locations of certain healing Herbs meant for increasing longevity and some that can even bring a dying person back to life. 

The next treasure trove of the ancient Siddhas are the ancient medicinal preparations of the Siddhas that lay buried under certain caves and rocks. These healing materials are in the form of Kalangu (tuber), Kalpa Basma (Elixir preparations) and are also governed by mysterious forces as protection from bad-tempered persons.

'Malai vala sastra' is a Sastra exclusively describing many mysteries of these mountains. The Siddhas, Gorakkar, Bogar, Agasthiyar and Karuvoorar have all written works on these subjects giving ample information of these treasures and other occult and spiritual mysteries secreted in the Siddha mountains, forests and caves throughout the Indian region. Some of the texts even mention caves that are not visible to the common eye. These mystical regions and power spots are the spiritual rejuvenative places and some are still known to be places of revelation and meeting places of the ancient Siddhas. In present day Tamil Nadu, Chaturagiri, the Pothikai hills, the Kolli hills, the Kancha hills, the Mahendragiri mountain ranges etc are all named as ancient Siddha mountains. The Agasthiyar hill in Kerala and the Srisailam mountain of Andhra Pradesh, the Girnar mountain of Gujarat are also amongst those revered as Their ancient power spots.

A strong conviction even present day followers of the Siddha path treasure is that an individual of true quest who is a recipient of the Siddhas grace can gain access to these kinds of places. There are many more accurate details of different places and its significant relationship with the Siddhas but it is impossible to share all of it in this small homepage.